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All Scouting Associations in Every Country (continued)

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National Associations are listed by country as follows:


Name of Association (total membership if known)
International Affiliation / Word for 'Scout' / Scout Motto

166. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Scout Association
WOSM (65 847) / Scout / Sudhanamva ('Be Prepared' in Sinhalese) / Thayaar Nilayil Iru ('Be Prepared' in Tamil)

The Sri Lanka Girl Guides Association
WAGGGS (84 502) / Guide / Be Prepared

Independent Scouts of Sri Lanka
WFIS / Scout

167. Sudan

Sudan Scouts Association
WOSM (14 682) / Kashaf / Kun Musta'idan ('Be Prepared' in Arabic)

The Sudan Girl Guides Association
WAGGGS (19 167) / Guide

168. Suriname

Boy Scouts van Suriname
WOSM (756) / Scout / Weest Paraat ('Be Prepared' in Dutch) / Sete sete ('Be Prepared' in Sranan Tongo)

Gidsen Suriname
WAGGGS sub-association; Catholic / Gids

Surinaamse Padvindsters Gilde
WAGGGS sub-association, open / Padvindster

Surinaamse Padvindsters Raad
WAGGGS umbrella federation (267) / Padvindster

169. Sweden

Scouterna - the Guides and Scouts of Sweden
WOSM+WAGGGS umbrella federation: WOSM (39 763) + WAGGGS (43 319) / Scout / Var Redo! - Alltid Redo! ('Be Prepared! - Always Prepared!' in Swedish)
[The other Swedish associations have more or less merged into Scouterna.]

Equmeniascout (formerly SMU Scout)
WOSM sub-association

Frälsningsarméns Scoutförbund
WOSM sub-association

KFUK-KFUMs Scoutförbund
WOSM sub-association

Nykterhetsrörelsens Scoutförbund
WOSM sub-association

Svenska Scoutförbundet
WOSM sub-association

SALT Scout
NON (part of Scouterna, but not listed by WOSM)

170. Switzerland

Pfadibewegung Schweiz [German]/Mouvement Scout de Suisse [French]/Movimento Scaut Svizzero [Italian]
WOSM+WAGGGS: WOSM (25 554) + WAGGGS (20 595) / Pfadfinder/Pfadfinderin [German]/Eclaireur/Eclaireuse [French]/Scaut [Italian] / Allzeit Bereit ('Always Prepared' in German) / Toujours Prêt (in French) / Sempre Pronto (in Italian)

Feuerkreis Niklaus von Flüe

Schweizerische Pfadfinderschaft Europas [German]/Scoutisme Européen Suisse [French]/Scautismo Europeo Svizzero [Italian]

171. Syria

Scouts of Syria
WOSM+WAGGGS: WOSM (9260) + WAGGGS (2213) / Kashaf / Kun Musta'idan ('Be Prepared' in Arabic) or Wa-a-iddoo ('Prepared' in Arabic)

172. Taiwan (Republic of China)

Scouts of China
WOSM (56 081) / (Scout) / Be Prepared

Girl Scouts of Taiwan
WAGGGS (14 943) / Be Prepared

173. Tajikistan

Ittihodi Scouthoi Tochikiston/Associatsia Skautov Tadjikistana (Scout Association of Tajikistan)
WOSM (563) / Skaut / Taiyor Bosh ('Be Prepared' in Tajik)

174. Tanzania

Tanzania Scouts Association
WOSM (538 933) / Skaut / Uwe Tayari ('Be Prepared' in Swahili)

Tanzania Girl Guides Association (TGGA)
WAGGGS (131 166) / (Guide)

175. Thailand

The National Scout Organization of Thailand
WOSM (751 927) / (Scout) / Triam Prom Smer ('Better to Die than to Lie')

Girl Guides (Girl Scouts) Association of Thailand
WAGGGS (50 473) / (Guide)

176. Timor-Leste (East Timor)

União Nacional dos Escuteiros de Timor-Leste (UNE-TL) (National Scout Union of East Timor)
WOSM (6342) / Escuteiro
(may be working toward WOSM recognition)

177. Togo

Association Scoute du Togo
WOSM (10 676) / Eclaireur / Toujours Prêt ('Always Ready' in French)

Association des Guides du Togo
WAGGGS (3142) / Guide

178. Tonga

branch of UK Scouting
WOSM / Scout / Toka mateuteu ('Be Prepared' in Tongan)

The Girl Guides Association of the Kingdom of Tonga
WAGGGS (2238) / Guide

179. Trinidad and Tobago

The Scout Association of Trinidad and Tobago
WOSM (2101) / Scout / Be Prepared

Girl Guides Association of Trinidad and Tobago
WAGGGS (2995) / Guide

180. Tunisia

Les Scouts Tunisiens
WOSM+WAGGGS: WOSM (29 105) + WAGGGS (11 454) / Kashaf / Kun Musta'idan ('Be Prepared' in Arabic) / Sois Prêt (in French)

181. Turkey

Türkiye Izcilik Federasyonu (TIF) / Scouting and Guiding Federation of Turkey
WOSM+WAGGGS: WOSM (223 417) + WAGGGS (130 395) / Izci / Daima Hazir ('Always Prepared' in Turkish)


Anadolu Izcilik Federasyonu

Trakya Izciler Birligi Federasyonu

182. Turkmenistan

nascent Scouting exists

183. Tuvalu

Scout Association of Tuvalu (branch of UK Scouting)
WOSM / Scout

184. Uganda

The Uganda Scouts Association
WOSM (116 054) / Scout / Be Prepared

Uganda Girl Guides Association
WAGGGS (226 447) / Guide

185. Ukraine

National Organization of Scouts of Ukraine
WOSM (1417) / Plastun / Plastunka / SKOB! (both an acronym for 'Silno! Krasno! Oberezhno! Bistro!' ['With Strength! With Beauty! With Care! With Speed!'] and also a word that means 'osprey' [bird related to an eagle])

Association of Ukrainian Guides (AGU)
WAGGGS (112) / (Guide)

Association of Scouts "Rozvidnyk" (Vdyn & Lviv region)

Katolickije Skautsvo Evropi
FSE / Skaut

Organization of Ukrainian Scouts
OWS / (Scout)

186. United Arab Emirates

Emirates Scout Association
WOSM (3968) / Kashaf / Kun Musta'idan ('Be Prepared' in Arabic)

Girl Guides Association of the United Arab Emirates
WAGGGS (2484) / (Guide)

187. United Kingdom

The Scout Association
WOSM (637 185) / Scout / Be Prepared

Girlguiding UK
WAGGGS (490 016) / Guide

Baden-Powell Scouts Association (BPSA)
WFIS / Scout / Be Prepared

Scouts and Guides of St. Josep, Fife

Guides and Scouts of Europe

Great Britain Independent Scout Organisation (GBISO)

British Boy Scouts (BBS; also known as Brotherhood of British Scouts) / British Girl Scouts (BGS)
OWS / Scout

The Order of the Redeemer

The Scout History Association

European Scout Federation (British Association)
CES / Scout

Pathfinder Scouts Association
NON / Scout

Rover Explorer Scouts Association (RESA)
NON / Rover Scout

Zwiazek Harcerstwa Polskiego (ZHP) [Polish Scout Organization]
[emigré group with 4 independent branches, not connected with ZHP/Poland]
NON / Harcerz / Czuwaj ('Watch' in Polish)

188. United States

Boy Scouts of America (BSA)
WOSM (2 744 682) / Scout / Be Prepared

Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA)
WAGGGS (2 478 834) / Girl Scout / Be Prepared

Baden-Powell Service Association
WFIS / Pathfinder / Scout

Zwiazek Harcerstwa Polskiego/ZHP [Polish Scout Organization]
(emigré group with 4 independent branches, not connected with ZHP/Poland)
NON / Harcerz / Czuwaj ('Watch' in Polish)

189. Uruguay

Movimiento Scout del Uruguay
WOSM (2044) / Scout / Siempre Listo ('Always Ready' in Spanish)

Scouts de Uruguay (SDU)
WOIS / Scout

USTA Uruguay (Unión de Scouts Tradicionales de America)
OWS / Scout

190. Uzbekistan

Kidirib Topubchi O'zbekiston (Uzbekistan Union of Scout-Explorers)
NON / Tayyor Bo'l ('Be Prepared' in Uzbek)

191. Vanuatu

Skots Blong Vanuatu, a branch of UK Scouting (The Scout Association)
WOSM / Scout / Rerem ('Prepare' in Bislama) / Sois Prêt ('Be Prepared' in French)

192. Vatican City (The Holy See)

no Scouting
(There are likely few children among the less than 900 people who live in Vatican City. Any who live there presumably would join a Scout or Guide unit in nearby Rome.)

193. Venezuela

Asociación de Scouts de Venezuela
WOSM (9904) / Scout / Siempre Listo ('Always Ready' in Spanish)

Asociación de Guías Scouts de Venezuela
WAGGGS (641) / Guía

Asociación Civil Scouts Independientes de Venezuela
WOIS / Scout

194. Vietnam

Pathfinder Scouts Viet Nam
WOSM (5000)

195. Yemen

Yemen Scouts and Guides Association WOSM+WAGGGS: WOSM (7095) + WAGGGS (14 583) / Kashaf / Kun Musta'idan ('Be Prepared' in Arabic)

196. Zambia

Zambia Scouts Association
WOSM (15 271) / Scout / Be Prepared

Girl Guides Association of Zambia
WAGGGS (104 083) / Guide

197. Zimbabwe

The Scout Association of Zimbabwe
WOSM (17 841) / Scout / Be Prepared

Girl Guides Association of Zimbabwe
WAGGGS (49 184) / Guide

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