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All Scouting Associations in Every Country (continued)

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National Associations are listed by country as follows:


Name of Association (total membership if known)
International Affiliation / Word for 'Scout' / Scout Motto

66. Ghana

The Ghana Scout Association
WOSM (13 496) / Scout / Be Prepared

Ghana Girl Guides Association
WAGGGS (31 503) / Guide

Baden Powell Scouts of Africa
WFIS / Scout

Ghana Peace Scouts
WOIS / Scout

67. Greece

Soma Ellinon Proskopon (SEP) (Greek Scout Association)
WOSM (16 694) / Proskopos / Eso Etoimos ('Be Prepared' in Greek)

Soma Ellinikou Odigismou (SEO) (Greek Guiding Association)
WAGGGS (6240) / Odigos

68. Grenada

The Scout Association of Grenada
WOSM (1367) / Scout / Be Prepared

The Girl Guides Association of Grenada
WAGGGS (2263) / Guide

69. Guatemala

Asociación de Scouts de Guatemala
WOSM (5506) / Scout / Siempre Listo para Servir ('Always Ready to Serve' in Spanish)

Asociación Nacional de Muchachas Guías de Guatemala
WAGGGS (179) / Guía

Asociación de Escultismo Ecológico Baden-Powell Guatemala
WFIS / Siempre Alerta ('Always Alert' in Spanish)

70. Guinea

Association Nationale des Scouts de Guinée (National Scout Association of Guinea)
WOSM (11 520) / Scout / Sois Prêt ('Be Prepared' in French)

Association Nationale des Guides de Guinée
WAGGGS (4889) / Guide

71. Guinea-Bissau

Escuteiros da Guiné-Bissau
WOSM (9698)

72. Guyana

The Scout Association of Guyana
WOSM (546) / Scout / Be Prepared

Guyana Girl Guides Association
WAGGGS (3971) / Guide

73. Haiti

Scouts d'Haïti
WOSM (43 605) / Scout / Etre Prêt ('Be Prepared' in French)

Association Nationale des Guides d'Haïti
WAGGGS (1151) / Guide

Scout Anglican d'Haïti

74. Honduras

Asociación de Scouts de Honduras
WOSM (1935) / Scout / Siempre Listo ('Always Ready' in Spanish)

Asociación Nacional de Muchachas Gu&i'as de Honduras
WAGGGS (466) / Guía

Asociación Hondureña de Escultismo Tradicional (AHET)
WFIS / Siempre Listos ('Always Ready' in Spanish)

75. Hungary

Magyar Cserkészszövetség (Hungarian Scout Association)
WOSM (12 516) / Cserkész / Légy Résen ('Be Watchful' in Hungarian)

Magyar Cserkészleány Szövetség (MCSLSZ) (Hungarian Girl Guides Association)
WAGGGS (477) / Cserkész / Jó Munkát ('Good Job' in Hungarian)

76. Iceland

Bandalag Islenskra Skáta/BIS
WOSM+WAGGGS: WOSM (1738) + WAGGGS (1511) / Skáta / Ávallt viðbúinn ('Always Prepared' in Icelandic)

77. India

The Bharat Scouts and Guides
WOSM+WAGGGS: WOSM (3 581 332) + WAGGGS (2 104 186) / Scout/Guide / Taiyar ('Be Prepared' in Hindi)

Boy Scout & Guide Organisation
WFIS / Scout/Guide

Federation of India for Sports, Scouting and Education

Hindustan Scout and Guides Association
WFIS / Scout/Guide

Indian Scouts and Guides Organisation (ISGO)
WFIS (15 000) / Scout/Guide

Scout Bharti

Shriram Bajpai Scouts & Guides Association
WFIS / Scout/Guide

The Scouts/Guides Organisation
WFIS / Scout/Guide

Universal Scout & Guide Association
WFIS / Scout/Guide

Scouts / Guides India
WOIS / Scout/Guide

Peace Scouts and Guides (India)
NON / Scout

Venture Youth Movement of Scouts (India)
NON / Scout

78. Indonesia

Gerakan Pramuka
WOSM (24 756 268 total) / Pramuka / Sentiasa Bersedia ('Be Prepared' in Indonesian)

79. Iran

Iran Scout Organization
NON / Pishahangi Pesharan / Aamaadeh Baash ('Be Prepared' in Persian)

80. Iraq

Iraq Scout Association
WOSM (13 128)/ Kashaf / Kun Musta'idan ('Be Prepared' in Arabic)

81. Ireland

Gasóga na hÉireann (Scouting Ireland)
WOSM (48 478) / Scout / Bí Ullamh ('Be Prepared' in Irish)

Comhairle Bantreoraithe na hÉireann (The Council of Irish Guiding Associations) (CIGA)
WAGGGS umbrella federation (15 879) / Guide

Irish Girl Guides (IGG)
WAGGGS sub-association; open / Guide

Catholic Guides of Ireland (CGI) (Bantreoraithe Catoilicí na hÉireann)
WAGGGS sub-association; Catholic / Guide

Baden Powell Scouts Slyguff

82. Israel

Hitachdut Hatsofim Ve Hatsofot Be Israel (Israel Boy and Girl Scouts Federation)
WOSM+WAGGGS umbrella federation: WOSM (90 356) + WAGGGS (44 493) / Hayeh Nachon ('Be Prepared' in Hebrew)

Arab School Scout Association
WOSM+WAGGGS sub-association

Druze Scouts Association
WOSM+WAGGGS sub-association

Hebrew Scout Association
WOSM+WAGGGS sub-association

Israeli Arab Scouts Association
WOSM+WAGGGS sub-association

Israel Catholic Scouts Association
WOSM+WAGGGS sub-association

Orthodox Scout Association
WOSM+WAGGGS sub-association

83. Italy

Federazione Italiana dello Scautismo (FIS) (Italian Scouting Federation)
WOSM+WAGGGS umbrella federation: WOSM (103 276) + WAGGGS (93 479) / Esploratore/Scout / Esploratrice/Guide / Sii Preparato ('Be Prepared' in Italian)

Associazione Guide e Scout Cattolici Italiani (AGESCI) (Italian Catholic Guide and Scout Association)
WOSM+WAGGGS sub-association; Catholic / Esploratore/Guide

Corpo Nazionale Giovani Esploratori ed Esploratrici Italiani (CNGEI) (National Corps of Young Italian Scouts and Guides)
WOSM+WAGGGS sub-association; open / Esploratore/Esploratrice

Südtiroler Pfadfinderschaft
sub-group of AGESCI; German-speaking; Catholic / Pfadfinder

Esploratori e Guide d'Italia (AEGI)

Associazione Indipendente Scout (ASSISCOUT) [includes former Arciscout Associazione Scautistica]
WFIS+Interscout / Scout / Sempre Pronti ('Always Ready' in Italian)

Associazione Italiana di Scautismo Raider/Assoraider
WFIS / Esploratore/Esploratrice / Sii Preparato ('Be Prepared' in Italian)

Federazione del Movimento Scout Italiano - FederScout
WFIS, umbrella federation for 16 associations, mostly single groups:

Italy Associazione Sezione Scout di Gela

Federazione Italiana di Scautismo Raider (FIS Raider)

Associazione Italiana Guide e Scouts d'Europa Cattolici (AIGSEC)
FSE / Scout/Guide

Scuola Nazionale Formazione Scout/National Scout Training School
OWS / Scout

Associazione Scautistica Cattolica Italiana (ASCI)
CES / Estote Parati ('Be Ready' in Italian)

A.P. Scout (Aaronic Priesthood Scout)

Associazione Guide e Scouts San Benedetto

Consorzio Interscout
NON, umbrella consortium that provides facilities and services to Scout associations and groups

84. Jamaica

The Scout Association of Jamaica
WOSM (1386) / Scout / Be Prepared

The Girl Guides Association of Jamaica
WAGGGS (4309) / Guide / Be Prepared

Girl Scouts of Jamaica
OWS / Scout

85. Japan

Scout Association of Japan
WOSM (91 827) / (Scout) / Sonae-yo tsuneni ('Always Be Prepared' in Japanese)

International Boy Scouts, Troop 1 (Yokohama, Japan)
WOSM ('mixed nationality' troop directly chartered by WOSM's World Scout Bureau; apparently is only remaining direct-chartered troop) / Scout / Be Prepared

Girl Scouts of Japan
WAGGGS (28 404) / (Girl Scout)

Independent Scouts of Japan

86. Jordan

Jordanian Association for Boy Scouts and Girl Guides
WOSM+WAGGGS: WOSM (31 765) + WAGGGS (15 470) / Kashaf / Wa ai'doo ('Be Prepared' in Arabic)

87. Kazakhstan

Organization of the Scout Movement of Kazakhstan (OSMK)
WOSM (1010) / Skaut / Dayyin Bol ('Be Prepared' in Kazakh) / Bud Gotov (in Russian)

88. Kenya

The Kenya Scouts Association
WOSM (2 145 640) / Scout / Uwe Tayari ('Be Prepared' in Swahili)

Kenya Girl Guides Association
WAGGGS (382 476) / Guide

Baden Powell Scouts Association

89. Kiribati

Kiribati Scout Association (Tikauti ni Kiribati)
WOSM (1186) / Scout / Mena tauraoi ('Be Prepared' in Gilbertese)

The Girl Guides Association of Kiribati
WAGGGS (435) / Guide

90. Korea, North

no Scouting (Scouting is outlawed; only the state-run Young Pioneers are allowed)

91. Korea, South

Korea Scout Association
WOSM (90 610) / (Scout) / Jun Bi ('Preparation' in Korean)

Girl Scouts - Korea
WAGGGS (21 865) / (Girl Scout) / Jun Bi ('Preparation' in Korean)

Third Eye Scouting Association

92. Kosovo

National Scout Center of Kosovo (QNVK-NSCK-NCIK)
WFIS / (Scout)

Scouts of Kosovo
WOIS / (Scout)

93. Kuwait

Kuwait Boy Scouts Association
WOSM (6215) / Kashaf / Kun Musta'idan ('Be Prepared' in Arabic)

Kuwait Girl Guides Association
WAGGGS (15 002)

94. Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyz Respublikasynyn Skaut Kengesh (Kyrgyz Republic Scouting Union)
NON / Skaut / Dayar Bol ('Be Prepared' in Kyrgyz) / Bud Gotov (in Russian)

95. Laos

no Scouting

96. Latvia

Latvijas Skautu un Gaidu Centrala Organizacija (LSGCO) (Latvian Scout and Guide Central Organisation)
WOSM+WAGGGS: WOSM (804) + WAGGGS (872) / Skaut / Esi Modrs ('Be Watchful' in Latvian)

LKS - Latvijas Kristigie Skauti (Christian Scouts of Latvia)

97. Lebanon

Fédération du Scoutisme Libanais (Lebanese Scouting Federation)
WOSM umbrella federation (18 140) / Kashaf/Eclaireur/Scout / Kun Musta'idan ('Be Prepared' in Arabic) / Misht Badrast ('Always Ready' in Armenian) / Toujours Prêt ('Always Prepared' in French)

Lebanese Girl Scouts' Association
WAGGGS umbrella federation (12 464) / Guide/Eclaireuse

Association des Guides du Liban
WAGGGS sub-association / Guide

Association des Eclaireuses du Liban
WAGGGS sub-association / Eclaireuse

Association des Guides Musulmanes du Liban
WAGGGS sub-association / Guide

Eclaireuses du Scoutisme Nationale Orthodoxe
WAGGGS sub-association / Eclaireuse

Association des Eclaireuses Eljarrah
WAGGGS sub-association / Eclaireuse

Association des Scouts Arabes au Liban
NON / Scout

Association des Scouts du Littoral au Liban
NON / Scout

Association des Scouts Musulmans de Makassed
NON / Scout

Association des Scouts Progressistes
NON / Scout

Eclaireurs du Liban
NON / Eclaireur

Eclaireurs Unionistes Libanais
NON / Eclaireur

Eclaireuses Musulmanes au Liban
NON / Eclaireuse

Guide Nationale Orthodoxe
NON / Guide

Guides et Scouts Maronites
NON / Scout/Guide

Les Scouts de Amel
NON / Scout

Les Scouts de Secours Libanais
NON / Scout

Les Scouts des Cèdres
NON / Scout

Les Scouts des Projets
NON / Scout

Les Scouts du Chirugiens
NON / Scout

Les Scouts du Liban
NON / Scout

Les Scouts du Liban Future
NON / Scout

Les Scouts du Mahdi [apparently the same as Al-Mahdi Scouts, sponsored by Hezbollah]
NON / Scout

Les Scouts du Message Islamique
NON / Scout

Les Scouts Musulmans au Liban
NON / Scout

Les Scouts Syriaques Libanais
NON / Scout

Scout National Libanais
NON / Scout

Scout National Orthodoxe
NON / Scout

Scouts de l'Education Nationale
NON / Scout

98. Lesotho

Lesotho Scouts Association
WOSM (2044) / Scout / Dula O Lokile ('Be Prepared' in Sotho)

Lesotho Girl Guides Association
WAGGGS (6869) / Guide


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