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About Troop 97
Adults on Campouts
Adult "Patrol"
Adult Scouting Associations

Boy Scout Requirements Book

Boy Scouts

Cub Scouts

Sea Scouts

Tiger Cubs

Varsity Scouts


Webelos Scouts
Adventure/High Adventure
Adventure Weekend
Aims & Methods of Scouting (BSA)
American Boy Scout(s) (William Randolph Hearst)
American Heritage Girls
Annual Report (Troop 97)
Arrow of Light Award, Cub Scouting (BSA)


Backpack Trek Equipment List (PDF)
Baden-Powell, Robert (World Scouting Founder)

Founding of World Scouting

Author of first BSA Handbook
Beard, Dan (BSA founder)
Ben Delatour Scout Ranch (Longs Peak Council)
Bike Safety BSA
Board of Review Form & Questions (PDF)
Boyce, William (BSA founder)
Boy Pioneers of America (later name of Sons of Daniel Boone)
Boy Scout Advancement
Boy Scout Fieldbook
Boy Scout Fieldbook Covers
Boy Scout Handbook
Boy Scout Handbook Covers
Boy Scouts of America (BSA)

Age Requirements

Aims & Methods of Scouting

Boy Scout Handbook

Eagle Requirements since 1911

General Information

Handbook Covers

Highest Award/Eagle Scout

Highest Award in Each Program Section


Ideals of Scouting (BSA)

Ideals of Scouting (BSA, in Spanish)

Law (earlier versions)


Rank Requirements, 1910—present
Boys Brigade/Girls Brigade
Brownsea Island (aerial photo)


Caballero Aguila (Mexico highest award)
Caballero Scout Lempira (Honduras highest award)
Cache La Poudre District (of Longs Peak Council)
Calvinist Cadet Corps
Camp Alexander (Pikes Peak Council)
Camp Cortlandt Dietler (Denver Area Council)
Camp Cris Dobbins (Denver Area Council)
Camp O. A. Greager (former camp of Western Colorado Council)
Camp Fire

and BSA

Campout Checklist, Weekend (PDF)
Canoe Trek Equipment List (PDF)
Cavaleiro da Pátria (Portugal highest award)
Cave Safety BSA
Chief Commissioner's Gold Award (Canada Guiding highest award)
Chief Girl Scout Medal (Philippines Girl Scouting highest award)
Chief Scout Award (Ireland highest award)
Chief Scout's Top Award (Norway highest award)
Christian Service Brigade
Climb On Safely BSA
Colorado Summer Camps
Columbian Squires (Knights of Columbus)
Condor Scout (Chile highest award)
Confederation of European Scouts (CES)
Contact Troop 97
Cost of Scouting (comparison chart)
Cub Scout Advancement
Cub Scouting (BSA)


Denali Award, Varsity Scouting (BSA)
Divisa Scout (BSA Scout Slogan in Spanish)
Dolphin Award (Malta highest award)
Dragon Scout (Hong Kong highest award)
Driving Policy for Scouts (PDF)


Eagle Award (Zambia highest award)
Eagle Knight (Mexico highest award)
Eagle Palms (BSA)
Eagle Scout (Philippines highest award)
Eagle Scout (US; BSA highest award)

Eagle Requirements since 1911

Highest Rank/Award in Many Countries

Resources/Service Projects

Troop 97 "Trail to Eagle" Booklet (PDF)
Earth Champs / Earth Scouts
Elkhorn High Adventure Base (Longs Peak Council)
Email the Scoutmaster
Eagle's Grip (Ukraine highest award)
Equipment Lists

Weekend Campout Checklist (PDF)

Backpack Trek Equipment List (PDF)

Canoe Trek Equipment List (PDF)
Escoteiro da Pátria (Brazil highest award)
Expenses of Scouting (comparison chart)


Facebook page (T97)
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions about Troop 97)
Federation of European Scouting (FSE)
Fieldbook Covers
Forsetamerkið (Iceland highest award)
Fort Collins Area
Frontier Girls
Fuji Scout (Japan highest award)


Garuda Scout (Indonesia highest award)
"Geezer" (Adult) Patrol
Girl Guides/Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA; general information)


International Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting
Girl Scout Gold Award (US; GSUSA highest award)
God and Country Awards


Handbook, Boy Scout
Handbook, Patrol Leader
Handbook, Scoutmaster
Handbook Covers
High Adventure
Highest Awards (BSA)

Boy Scouts

Cub Scouts/Webelos Scouts

Sea Scouts

Varsity Scouts

Highest Scouting Rank/Award in Many Countries

Australia, Bangladesh, Belize, Brazil, Brunei, Canada,

Chile, China, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece, Guatemala,

Honduras, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan,

Kenya, Kiribati, Korea, Malaysia, Maldives, Malta, Mexico,

Nepal, New Zealand, Panama, Philippines, Portugal,

Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Tanzania,

Thailand, Trinidad & Tobago, Ukraine, United Kingdom,

United States, Zambia, Zimbabwe
Hillcourt, William "Green Bar Bill"

Author of Boy Scout Fieldbook

Author of Patrol Leader Handbook

Author of Scout Handbook (Ed 6/7)

Author of Scout Handbook (Ed 9)

Author of Scoutmaster Handbook

Photo of Hillcourt (with our Scoutmaster)

Boy Scouts of America

Troop 97
Home Page


Ideals of Scouting (BSA)
Ideales de Scouting (BSA, en español)
Información en español

for New Scouts

for All Scouts
International Scout and Guide Fellowship (ISGF)
International Scouting


Junior Forest Wardens


Kayaking Safety BSA
Kids for Earth
King Scout (Thailand highest award)
King's Scout (Malaysia highest award)
Knights of Columbus Columbian Squires


Law (BSA)
Law, Cub Scouts & Venturers (BSA)
Laws from Other Countries
Lema Scout (BSA Scout Motto in Spanish)
Ley Scout (BSA Scout Law in Spanish)
Lion Scout highest Scouting award in—

Kenya, Swaziland
Lone Scouts of America
Longs Peak Council
Lvi scout (Czech Republic highest award)


Master Camper Award
Member Secure Area
Merit Badges—

Merit Badges—Pictures of All BSA Merit Badges (PDF)

Eagle Merit Badges
Methods of Scouting (BSA)
Motto (BSA)
Motto (all Scout countries)


Na Fianna Éireann (Soldiery of Ireland)
National Flower Class (Taiwan highest award)
National Scouting Associations in Every Country
Navigators USA
New Scouts
Newsletter Quotations


Oath/Promise (BSA)
Order of World Scouts (OWS)


Packard High Adventure Base (see Rocky Mountain High Adventure Base)
Packing Checklists

Weekend Campout Checklist (PDF)

Backpack Trek Equipment List (PDF)

Canoe Trek Equipment List (PDF)
Parent Involvement (value)
Patrol Leader Handbook
Patrol Leader Handbook Covers
PDF Files (downloadable/printable files; viewable with free Adobe Reader from—

Backpack Trek Equipment List

Board of Review Form & Questions

Canoe Trek Checklist

Driving Policy for Scouts

General Information Sheet

Health & Medical Statement (BSA Parts A/B)

New Scout Checklist

Policies & Procedures

Rank Requirements, 1910—present

Scholarship Application

Scout Badges You Can Earn

Scout Handbook—Comparison Table of All Editions

Troop 97 Brochure

Troop 97 'Cost of Scouting' Brochure

Troop 97 Songs (4 of them)

Troop 97 "Trail to Eagle" Booklet

Weekend Campout Checklist
Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch (Denver Area Council)
Photos of Troop Activities (on our Facebook page)
Pengakap Raja (Malaysia highest award)
Pengakap Sultan (Brunei highest award)
Planet Earth Scouts
Plastun Skob / Plastunka Virlytsia (Ukraine highest Scouting/Guiding award)
Policies & Procedures (PDF) [troop & Scouting goals, troop organization, Scout leadership, membership standards, troop activities, advancement, uniform, finances, discounts / credits / scholarships, miscellaneous other details]
Policies of this Website
Pramuka Garuda (Indonesia highest award)
President's Scout (Guide) / Award highest Scouting award in—

Bangladesh, Iceland, India, Kiribati, Maldives, Nepal,

Singapore, Sri Lanka, Tanzanla, Trinidad & Tobago
Prix Aventurier de la Reine (Canada highest award)
Prix d'or de la commissaire générale (Canada Guiding highest award)
Promesa Scout (BSA Scout Promise in Spanish)
Promise (BSA)
Promise, Cub Scouts & Venturers (BSA)
Promises from Other Countries
Proskopos Dimokratias (Cyprus highest award)
Proskopou Ethnous (Greece highest award)
Purpose of Scouting


Quartermaster Award/Rank (BSA)
Queen's Guide highest Guiding award in—

Australia, New Zealand,, United Kingdom
Queen's Scout highest Scouting award in—

Australia, Belize, New Zealand, United Kingdom
Queen's Venturer (Canada highest award)
Quest Award, Venturing (BSA)
Quotations (for a Newsletter)


Ranger Award, Venturing (BSA)
Ranks (BSA)

Board of Review Form & Questions (PDF)

Boy Scout Requirements Book

Highest Scouting Rank/Award in Many Countries

Pictures of BSA Ranks, 1911—today

Pictures of Curent BSA Ranks & Awards (PDF)

Rank Requirements, 1910—Today
Rashtrapati Scout / Guide (India highest award)
Religious Awards
Rockwell, Norman (BSA paintings)

Scoutmaster Handbook Cover

Boy Scout Handbook Covers
Rocky Mountain High Adventure Base (Rocky Mountain Council)
Royal Ambassadors
Royal Rangers


Sable Award (Zimbabwe highest award)
Safe Swim Defense BSA
Safety Afloat BSA
Safety Plans for BSA Activities
San Isabel Scout Ranch (Rocky Mountain Council)
St George's Award (UK/BPSA highest award)
Scholarships (PDF)
Scout Expenses (comparison chart)
Scout Fieldbook
Scout Handbook
Scout Handbook Covers
Scout Handbooks—Where to Buy and Sell
Scout Law (ealier versions)
Scout Law/Motto/Promise/Slogan
Scout Law, Another Interpretation
Scout Laws from Other Countries
Scout Promises from Other Countries
Scout Quetzal (Guatemala highest award)
Scout Summer Camps in Colorado
Scout Urracá (Panama highest award)
Scouting Aims & Methods (BSA)
Scouting Alternative Organizations
Scouting Ideals
Scouting in Every Country
Scouting's International Organizations
Scout-like Organizations
Scoutmaster Handbook
Scoutmaster Handbook Covers
Scuba Safety BSA
Sea Scout Advancement
Sea Scouting (BSA)
Senior Patrol Leader Handbook
Service Project Ideas (Eagle Scouts)
Seton, Ernest Thompson (BSA founder)

Founding of BSA

Author of first BSA Handbook
Silver Award, Venturing (BSA)
Slogan (BSA)
Smith, Sir William (Boys Brigade)
Snorkeling Safety BSA
Songs for Troop 97 (PDF)
Sons of Daniel Boone (Daniel Beard)
Spanish Peaks Scout Ranch (Santa Fe Trail Council)
Speidersjefens Topputmerkelse (Norway highest award)
Springbok (South Africa highest award)
Sultan Scout (Brunei highest award)
Summer Camps in Colorado
"Sweet 16 of BSA Safety"


Tahosa High Adventure Base (Denver Area Council)
Tiger Scout (Korea highest award)
Trail Life USA
Training, Online BSA Training for Adults
Trek Safely BSA
Tri-Orli-Pera (Czech Republic highest award)
Tri Orlie Perá (Slovakia highest award)
Troop 97


Annual Report

Troop 97 Brochure (PDF)

Troop 97 'Cost of Scouting' Brochure (PDF)

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

High Adventure


Información en español

Master Camper Award

Useful Information & Member Secure Area


Photos of Troop Activities (on our Facebook page)

Policies & Procedures (PDF)

"Trail to Eagle" Booklet (PDF)

Troop Facts

Troop History

Troop Membership Data
Troop Guide
Trust Award, Venturing (BSA)



Troop 97 Options (insignia placement, prices, photos)

Troop 97 Class 'A' Uniform (PDF)

Troop 97 Class 'B' Uniform (PDF)

Where to Buy
US Boy Scout(s) (later name of American Boy Scout)


Varsity Letter
Venturer Advancement
Venturing (BSA)


Webelos Leaders, Secrets of Successful

About the Troop 97 Website

Characteristics of a Good Website
Whitewater Safety BSA
Why Scouting?
Why Troop 97?
West, James (BSA first Chief Scout Executive)

Co-author of Boy Scout Fieldbook

Founding of BSA

and Camp Fire

and Patrol Leader Handbook
Woodcraft Organizations

IFM - SEI (International Falcon Movement – Socialist Educational International)

Woodcraft Folk

Woodcraft Indians ('Seton's Indians')

Woodcraft League (later name of Woodcraft Indians)

Woodcraft Rangers
World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS)
World Federation of Independent Scouts (WFIS)
World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM)
World Scouting & International Scouting Organizations

All Scouting Associations in Every Country

Highest Rank/Award in Many Countries


Young Pioneers