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Age Requirements / Advancement / Highest Awards

Age Range / Highest Award

Program Minimum Age Maximum Age Highest Award
Scouts age 11 OR
finished grade 5 + min. age 10 OR
earned Arrow of Light + min. age 10
until age 18 Eagle Scout
Varsity Scouts age 14 until age 18 Eagle Scout

Advancement for Scouts and Varsity Scouts

Scout (formerly called the 'Scout Badge', becomes a full rank on 1 January 2016)
Second Class
Second Class
First Class
First Class
Star (6 merit badges)
Life (11 merit badges)
Eagle Scout (badge / medal)
Eagle Scout (badge/medal) (21 merit badges)

Pending Changes to Ranks (scheduled for January, 2016)

Pictures of Older Rank Badges
All Rank Requirements, Tenderfoot through Eagle Scout, 1910—Present

Advancement for Varsity Scouts only

Varsity Letter
Varsity Letter (not a rank)
Denali Award
Denali Award (not a rank)

Other Advancement-related Badges & Awards

Eagle & Regular Merit Badges
Merit Badges (over 120 merit badges; 21 required for Eagle Scout); Eagle required badge/left; regular badge/right
Eagle Palms
Eagle Palms (Bronze/Gold/Silver; not considered ranks, but additional awards an Eagle Scout can earn)
Interpreter Badges / Religious Award
Interpreter Badges / Religious Award
BSA Aquatic Award
BSA Aquatic Awards
Leave No Trace / Boy Scout World Conservation Award
Leave No Trace / Boy Scout World Conservation Award

Age Requirements/Advancement/Highest Awards—

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