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Highest Rank/Award in Scouting (continued)

(Scout Association)
Top Award
Picture of Top Award
Scout / Venturer Advancement Progression
(Gerakan Pramuka)

Pramuka Garuda
(Garuda Scout—the garuda is a
mythical bird in Hindu & Buddhist
mythology; also equated with eagle)
Pramuka Garuda / IndonesiaPramuka Garuda (green/Cubs, red/Scouts, yellow/Seniors, tan/Rovers)
The highest award in each of Gerakan Pramuka's 4 levels
is called Pramuka Garuda (Garuda Scout or Eagle Scout).
The awards are color-coded: green for Cubs (ages 7-10),
red for Scouts (ages 11-15), yellow for Seniors (ages
16-20), and tan for Rovers (ages 21-25). [Adults in
Indonesian Scouting must be age 26 and over or

Senior ranks leading toward Pramuka Garuda are: Calon
Bantara (Bantara Cadet, or CARA), Penegak Bantara
(Bantara Senior), and Penegak Laksana (Laksana Senior).
Bantara Cadet/CARA, Bantara Senior, Laksana Senior Pramuka Garuda for Cubs Pramuka Garuda for Scouts
(Scouting Ireland)

Chief Scout Award
Chief Scout Award (Venture Section) / Ireland
As part of Scouting Ireland's "ONE Programme", all 5
program levels (Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouts,
Venture Scouts, & Rover Scouts) have identically named
top awards (the Chief Scout Award).
Chief Scout Awards: Beaver/Cub/Scout/Venture/Rover
(Scout Association of Japan)

Fuji Award
(Mt Fuji, Japan's highest mountain,
has national and religious significance)
Fuji Award / Japan
A Scout in Japan can earn 4 ranks: Tenderfoot (Sho-kyu),
Second Class (Ni-kyu), First Class (Ikkyu), and
Chrysanthemum (Kiku) Scout.
Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Chrysanthemum Scout
A Venture Scout can further earn the Venture Badge,
Venture Award, and the Fuji Award.
Venture Badge Venture Award Fuji Award
(International Scouts, Troop 1, Yokohama,
Japan; only remaining directly chartered
troop by World Scout Bureau)

Globe Scout
Globe Scout / International Troop 1
A Scout in Troop 1 can earn 6 ranks: Tenderfoot, Second
Class, First Class, Forward, Unity, and Globe.
Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Forward, Unity, Globe
(Kenya Scouts Association)

Lion Scout
Lion Scout / Kenya
(Kiribati Scout Association)

President's Award
President's Award / Kiribati
Korea, South
(Korea Scout Association)

Tiger Scout
Tiger Scout / South KoreaTiger Scout (knot & medal) / South Korea
A Scout in South Korea can earn 6 ranks: Tenderfoot,
Second Class, First Class, Star, Mugunghwa [the
national flower of Korea], and Tiger Scout.
Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, Mugunghwa, Tiger Scout
(Persekutuan Pengakap Malaysia)

Pengakap Raja
(King's Scout)
Pengakap Raja / Malaysia
A Junior Scout (Pengakap Muda) in Malaysia can earn 3
ranks: Usaha (Third Class), Maju (Second Class), Jaya
(First Class), followed by the green Rambu Pengakap
Muda (Junior Scout Lanyard).
Third Class, Second Class, First Class Junior Scout Lanyard
A Senior Scout (Pengakap Remaja) can earn 5 badges:
Jaya Diri (Independence), Kemahiran (Skills), Kegiatan
(Activities), Ekspedisi (Expedition), & Perkhidmatan
(Service), followed by the yellow Rambu Pengakap
Remaja (Senior Scout Lanyard), and then Pengakap Raja
(King's Scout).
Independence, Skills, Activities, Expedition, Service badges Senior Scout Lanyard
(The Scout Association of Maldives)

President's Scout
President's Scout / Maldives
(The Scout Association of Malta)

Dolphin Award
Dolphin Award / Malta
(Asociación de Scouts de México)

Caballero Aguila
(Eagle Knight; based on the ancient
Aztec army)
Caballero Aguila / Mexico
(Nepal Scouts)

President Scout
President Scout / Nepal
A Scout in Nepal can earn 5 progressive badges, the
first 4 named after mountain peaks in Nepal: BP Scout
Peak, Annapurna, Kanchanjanga, Everest, and President
BP Scout Peak, Annapurna, Kanchanjanga, Everest, President Scout
New Zealand
(SCOUTS New Zealand)

Queen's Scout
Queen's Scout / New Zealand
A Scout in New Zealand can earn 4 awards: Bronze
Scout Award, Silver Scout Award, Gold Scout Award,
and the Chief Scout's Award.
Bronze/Silver/Gold Scout Awards, Chief Scout's Award
A Venturer can also earn 4 awards: Bronze Venturer
Award, Silver Venturer Award, Gold Venturer Award,
and the Queen's Scout Award.
Bronze/Silver/Gold Venturer Awards, Queen's Scout Award
New Zealand
(GirlGuiding New Zealand)

Queen's Guide
Queen's Guide / New Zealand
A Guide in New Zealand must earn a number of badges
and certificates leading to the Guides Aotearoa Award (a
figure-eight knot).

A Ranger must earn a number of badges, the most
significant of which is the Peak Award (considered to be
the halfway point toward the top award), and culminating
with the Queen's Guide Award. One required
accomplishment is the 'Marketing Certificate', which
teaches girls to promote advertising and selling of
Guide Biscuits [cookies].
Guides Aotearoa Award (left); Peak Award, Queen's Guide Award (right)
(Norges Speiderforbund)

Speidersjefens Topputmerkelse
(Chief Scout's Top Award)
Speidersjefens Topputmerkelse (Vandrer Section) / Norway
Norges Speiderforbund has 3 identically named highest
awards for the Scout (Stifinner; blue), Hiker (Vandrer;
green), and Rover (maroon) levels.
Speidersjefens Topputmerkelse (Stifinner) Speidersjefens Topputmerkelse (Vandrer) Speidersjefens Topputmerkelse (Rover)
(Asociación Nacional de Scouts de

Scout Urracá
(refers to an indigenous Panamanian
leader who fought against the Spanish
Scout Urracá / Panama
(Boy Scouts of the Philippines)

Eagle Scout
Eagle Scout / PhilippinesEagle Scout (medal & knot) / Philippines
A Scout in the Philippines can earn 3 ranks: Tenderfoot
Class, Second Class, and First Class.
Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class
A Senior Scout can earn 5 ranks: Explorer Scout,
Pathfinder Scout, Outdoorsman Scout (Airman,
Seaman), Venturer Scout (Air Venture, Sea Venture),
and Eagle Scout (the Eagle Scout knot, by the way,
is a carrick bend).
Explorer Scout, Pathfinder Scout, Outdoorsman Scout, Venturer Scout, Eagle Scout
(Girl Scouts of the Philippines)

Chief Girl Scout Medal
Chief Girl Scout Medal / Philippines

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