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Here is a little information about Fort Collins. You can also check the city's website, the visitor bureau website, or the chamber of commerce website.



Not Perfect

Fort Collins' growth has resulted in considerable sprawl, and the city's population has spread southeast to nearby Windsor, and is now beginning to spread northeast to Wellington. This has resulted in heavy traffic and longer commutes, and the accompanying automobile-induced air pollution. But how bad traffic seems to you may also depend on where you're from (people from 'back east' and from California tell me that our traffic is not nearly as bad as we think). There is a public bus system, used extensively by public school students, college students, and those without cars. There are also other transportation options for seniors. The city website has more information under "Transfort".

Interestingly, a July 2008 report from Allstate Insurance indicates that drivers in Fort Collins ranked second (after Sioux Falls, SD) among the US's 200 largest cities for safe driving! And we've been second now for three years in a row. The report states that Fort Collins motorists are 25.5% less likely than the national average to get into a collision. For comparison, Denver ranked #48, and Aurora (a Denver suburb) ranked #50. So we must be better drivers than we thought.

High Rankings

Fort Collins keeps getting high rankings from various magazines, such as Money Magazine and Forbes, for best place to live and similar. The city has also been ranked as a good place for seniors.

Cost of Living

According to one survey, cost of living in Fort Collins is 124.2 compared to a US standard of 100. For comparison, Boulder, Colorado is 178.0, and Denver is 127.5. Orange County, California, is 187.2.


Local Attractions

Outdoor Activities

Wildlife in Town

Major Employers

The local economy has been strong, and Fort Collins unemployment was at 1.8% in April, 2017 (compared to 2.4% Colorado rate, and 4.3% US national rate at that time). But the area also has a reputation as one where finding a job can be difficult, and where salaries for comparable jobs may not be as high as in some other areas.

Here are the county's top 10 employers according to an article in the Fort Collins Coloradoan newspaper (2015):