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World Federation of Independent Scouts

World Federation of Independent Scouts (WFIS)

(80 member associations in 43 countries, around 200 000 members, founded 1996)

The World Federation of Independent Scouts (WFIS) was formed in Laubach, Germany, in 1996 by Lawrie Dring, a British Scouter with the independent Baden-Powell Scouts Association (BPSA). The UK-based BPSA, founded in 1970, is probably the most widespread and largest of these independent Scouting organizations. The BPSA was formed at least partly in reaction to the UK Scout Association's "Advance Party Report" (1966). This study resulted in substantial changes to British Scouting which caused some British Scouts/Scouters to seek alternatives they felt were closer to Baden-Powell's original program. Interestingly, Lady Olave Baden-Powell (B-P's widow) supported the BPSA and authorized the organization to use the Baden-Powell name.

WFIS is open to any Scouting association that is not affiliated with another international organization. They require that member associations "follow, and use, B-P's original program, traditions, uniforms, morals, ethics, and structure as laid out in B-P's Scouting for Boys", amended only for "health, environmental, first-aid, and safety reasons".

The BPSA (also B-PSA) (Baden-Powell Scouts Association) is a multinational association, with the home association in the UK and branch associations in Argentina, Canada, Denmark, Ireland, Japan, and the US. In Canada and the US, they are called BPSA (Baden-Powell Service Association).

According to a 2010 report by the WFIS World Council, WFIS membership grew phenomenally in Asia in 2010, now representing 78% of WFIS worldwide membership:

Member Associations listed alphbetically by country:

  1. Aruba—SEAL Scouting (Sea Air Land Scouting)
  2. Austria—name unknown (listed in 2010 WFIS World Council report)
  3. Bangladesh—Independent Scouts of Bangladesh
  4. Belgium—VZW Scoutsgroep de Zwaluw (2010)
  5. Bonaire—Club Muchanan Boneriano
  6. Brazil—Asociación Escoteria Baden Powell/AEBP, 2007
  7. Burundi—name unknown (listed in 2010 WFIS World Council report)
  8. Canada/British Columbia—BPSA British Columbia, 1997
  9. Canada/New Brunswick—BPSA New Brunswick, 2006
  10. Canada/Ontario—BPSA Ontario, 1998
  11. Canada—ZHR Polish Scouts of Canada
  12. Canada—#5, name unknown (listed in 2010 WFIS World Council report)
  13. Chile—Agrupación Nacional de Boy Scouts de Chile/ANBSCH (Boy Scouts of Chile), 1982
  14. China—name unknown/probably in Hong Kong (listed in 2010 WFIS World Council report)
  15. Colombia—Asociación Colombiana de Escultismo/ACE
  16. Congo (Republic, Congo-Brazzaville)—name unknown (listed in 2010 WFIS World Council report)
  17. Costa Rica—Scouts Independientes de Costa Rica
  18. Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)—Association des Eclaireurs et Eclaaireuses Evangéliques de Côte d'Ivoire
  19. Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)—Baden Powell Scouts of Africa
  20. Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)—Scouts d'Afrique de Côte d'Ivoire (sub-assocation of Conférence Ivorienne du Scoutisme)
  21. Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)—Scouts Unitaires de Côte d'Ivoire
  22. Curaçao—Asosiashon di Skouting di Korsou (Skouting Korsou)
  23. Czech Republic—Skaut - Ceský skauting ABS
  24. Czech Republic—#2, name unknown (listed in 2010 WFIS World Council report)
  25. Denmark—De Gule Spejdere i Danmark (Baden-Powell Scouts of Denmark), 1984
  26. Dominican Republic—name unknown (listed in 2010 WFIS World Council report)
  27. Germany—Bruderschaft Christlicher Pfadfinder/BCP, 1983
  28. Germany—Bund Europäischer St. Georgs- Pfadfinderinnen und -Pfadfinder/BESP
  29. Germany—Bund unabhängiger Pfadfinder/BuP
  30. Germany—Christliche freie Pfadfinderschaft Goldenstedt
  31. Germany—Deutscher Pfadfinderbund gegründet 1911/DPB1911, 1953 (originally 1911) (~100 members)
  32. Germany—Europäischer Pfadfinderbund - Georgsritter e.V.
  33. Germany—Freie Deutsche Waldläufer Olpe/FDWL, 1962
  34. Germany—Freie Pfadfinderschaft Kreuzritter
  35. Germany—Freier Pfadfinderbund Asgard (~80 members)
  36. Germany—Freier Pfadfinderbund St. Georg/FPG
  37. Germany—Independent Scout Association/ISA, 1989
  38. Germany—Pfadfinderbund Weltenbummler e.V., 1981
  39. Germany—Pfadfinderschaft Fritz Riebold
  40. Germany—Solmser Pfadfinderschaft
  41. Ghana—Baden Powell Scouts of Africa
  42. India—The Scouts/Guides Organisation
  43. India—Hindustan Scout and Guides Association
  44. India—#3, name unknown (listed in 2010 WFIS World Council report)
  45. Italy—Associazione Scautistica Cattolica Italiana (ASCI)
  46. Italy—Associazione Indipendente Scout/ASSISCOUT
  47. Italy—Associazione Sezione Scout di Gela
  48. Italy—Federazione del Movimento Scout Italiano - FederScout, 1986 (umbrella group for 20 associations, mostly single groups)
  49. Italy—#5, name unknown (listed in 2010 WFIS World Council report)
  50. Kenya—Baden Powell Scouts Association
  51. Korea, South—Third Eye Scouting Association
  52. Latvia—LKS - Latvijas Kristigie Skauti (Christian Scouts of Latvia)
  53. Mexico—Federación Mexicana de Scouts Independientes (Mexican Federation of Independent Scouts), 2002
  54. Mexico—Agrupación Scout Mexicana AC
  55. Pakistan—Independent Scouts of Pakistan
  56. Pakistan—Islamabad Scouting Association
  57. Pakistan—Nankana Sab Scout Organization
  58. Pakistan—ADABKADA Scout Association
  59. Panama—Cuerpo de Exploradores Panameños
  60. Paraguay—Asociación Scout Baden Powell del Paraguay/ASBPP
  61. Russia—Russian Union of Scouts
  62. Rwanda—name unknown (listed in 2010 WFIS World Council report)
  63. Spain—Asociación Galega de Escultismo - Breogán Scouts
  64. Spain—Associació Catalana de Scouts - Catalonian Association of Scouts
  65. Spain—Asociación de Scouts Independientes de Madrid - Independent Scouts of Madrid
  66. Sri Lanka—Independent Scouts of Sri Lanka
  67. Suriname—Scouts Independientes de Surinam
  68. Switzerland—Feuerkreis Niklaus von Flüe, 1988
  69. Switzerland—Pfadfinderbund Seeland, 2000
  70. Tanzania—name unknown (listed in 2010 WFIS World Council report)
  71. Turkey—name unknown (listed in 2010 WFIS World Council report)
  72. Uganda—name unknown (listed in 2010 WFIS World Council report)
  73. Ukraine—Association of Scouts "Rozvidnyk" (Vdyn & Lviv region) (2010)
  74. United Arab Emirates—United Arab Emirates Independent Scout Association
  75. United Arab Emirates—Dubai Scout Organization
  76. UK—Baden-Powell Scouts Association/BPSA, 1970
  77. US—Baden-Powell Service Association, 2006 (affiliated with the UK's BPSA)
  78. Venezuela—Organización de Exploradores Marinos de Venezuela
  79. Venezuela—Organización de Exploradores de Venezuela
  80. Venezuela—Organización Venezolana de Escultismo Tradicional
See our 'All Scout Countries' pages for more details on each organization listed above.
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