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(Troop 97 uniform options, insignia placement, prices, pictures)

Each troop selects from among the many BSA uniform options. Here are details about Troop 97's options (prices are for "youth regular" sizes from the BSA National Supply website in May, 2022).

The troop newsletter shows which activities require uniform, and calls out any special uniform options (such as T-shirt instead of standard shirt). In general, we wear full uniform to meetings and "fair-weather" outings and campouts, and typically any time we are in the public eye. The uniform is not appropriate for most cold-weather campouts, where Scouts should dress for the weather. At most summer meetings (June/July/August), we wear "summer" uniform, but Scouts will need both "full" and "summer" uniforms at summer camp.

The troop has some used uniform items in good condition, which we sell for about half price. Check at any troop meeting.

Regular Uniform (also referred to as "Full Uniform", "Class A Uniform", or "Field Uniform")

Troop 97 'Class A' Uniform
Click on the image for a full-size PDF of the Troop 97 'Class A' uniform

Hat—Troop 97 baseball-style cap (free). Note that wearing a hat is usually optional, but if a hat is worn, only the Troop 97 cap is allowed.

Scout short-sleeved, tan-colored shirt—Available as left-over-right buttoning or right-over-left buttoning ($40)—Note that long-sleeved shirts cost more and are NOT recommended.

Scout dark forest-green shorts ($33) or 'Switchback' pants ($38)—Shorts are acceptable year-round. Long pants can be worn in fall/winter/spring. Pant legs should be hemmed by folding & sewing inside the leg with no cuff. Girls can wear any boys or girls options. Note that the girls 'roll-up' pants cost more than most other options. We do NOT recommend 'skorts'.

Scout dark forest-green webbed cotton belt with BSA steel-gray metal buckle ($20)

Neckerchief & slide (woggle)—Troop 97 neckerchief (free, presented on first campout) & any woggle you make or buy (BSA slide is $8).

BSA dark forest-green, "CoolMax" low-top socks ($10)—You can buy the dark forest-green crew socks if you prefer, but don't buy the much more expensive gray socks.

Footgear—Any shoes with soles suitable for running and playing. Dress shoes not recommended. Sandals, Crocs, or flip-flops ae not allowed.

BSA merit badge sash ($15)—Available in two lengths. Merit badges are sewn 3 across. Sash goes over the RIGHT shoulder and left hip.

BSA merit badge sash

Shirt Insignia

Shirt comes with US flag pre-attached on right sleeve. Add BSA dark forest green shoulder loops ($5).

BSA dark forest green shoulder loops

RIGHT SLEEVE—-US flag, patrol medallion (free from troop), & current-year Quality Unit ("Journey to Excellence") patch (free from troop)
right sleeve

LEFT SLEEVE—Adventure West Council shoulder patch, one-piece numeral 97 [FORT COLLINS / 97 / SINCE 1952] (free from troop), troop office badge (free from troop, if hold office), "Trained" badge (free from troop, if trained for position)
>left sleeve

RIGHT POCKET—Troop nametag (free from troop), sewn immediately above the red BSA or BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA embroidered lettering; may wear one "temporary" patch on pocket (optional); recruiter patch, if earned, below pocket
right pocket

LEFT POCKET—Badge of rank (free from troop; Life rank shown) on pocket; Arrow of Light (if earned) below pocket; purple World Scout Crest usually comes pre-sewn on the shirt centered above pocket halfway between pocket and shoulder seam; square knot if earned (youth religious award shown) centered above pocket; year pin(s) (optional; 3/8" above pocket or knots [yellow back for Cub Scout years; green back for Scout years])
left pocket

Summer Uniform (also referred to as "Class B Uniform" or "Activity Uniform")

Same as Standard Uniform except Troop 97 T-shirt ($15) OR any Troop 97 Trek polo shirt (we recommend bringing 2 troop T-shirts to summer camp)

Troop 97 T-shirt
Troop 97 Summer Uniform
Click on the image for a full-size PDF of the Troop 97 Summer uniform

Optional Outerwear

Appropriate warm outerwear for the conditions OR optional Troop 97 fleece jacket ($49.00)

optional Troop 97 fleece jacket

Uniforms for Girls

Girls can wear the same items as the boys. Girls can also get specific girls' shirts, shorts, & pants.

Unacceptable Items

(applies to everyone on any Scout activity)

BSA policy forbids wearing T-shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, or other visible garments that display pictures or messages that are inappropriate to Scouting or to youth activities. These include items with "adult" or sexual content or foul language, racial/ethnic/religious/etc stereotypes or slurs, or anything displaying the name or image of alcohol, tobacco, or marijuana products. Since Scouting is non-political, clothing with political messages is also inappropriate.

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