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Troop 97 Patch Collection

Having special troop patches is great for the Scouts. While large troops have an advantage, in that they can order larger quantities for a lower price per patch, you can order as few as 25 patches from many companies. We have used several of the patch companies that advertise in the back of Scouting magazine. If you don't have an artist in your troop, many patch companies will have their artist do a final design from your rough sketch.

We have always designed a commemorative patch (BSA calls them "temporary" patches for the right uniform pocket) for our annual troop High Adventure Trek. We have also designed patches for our troop neckerchiefs, for a troop hat, for our special Master Camper Award, and for special troop anniversaries.

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Troop 97 Master Camper Award
Troop 97 Master Camper Award for those who camp 35 nights with the troop, and attend 5 winter campouts, 2 summer camps, & 1 Trek
Troop 97 25th Anniversary Patch Troop 97 40th Anniversary Patch Troop 97 50th Anniversary Neckerchief Patch
Troop Anniversary Patches to commemorate the troop's 25th anniversary in 1984 (left), 40th anniversary in 1999 (middle), & 50th anniversary in 2009 (right)

Our troop high adventure treks, expeditions, and 'SuperTreks' have included backpacking, river canoeing, voyageur canoeing (lakes & portages), bicycling, and sailing, with a special patch for each one.

1978 Zirkel Trek 1979 Weminuche Trek 1980 Pacific Crest Trail Trek 1981 Wind River Trek space 1982 Missouri Breaks Canoe Trek 1982 Zirkel Trek 1983 Rocky Mountain Forest Reserve Trek 1984 Weminuche Trek
1985 Missouri Breaks Canoe Trek 1986 Zirkel Trek 1987 Wind River Trek 1988 AT / DC Trek space 1989 Zirkel Trek 1990 Quetico Canoe Trek 1991 Weminuche Trek 1992 San Juan Islands Bicycle Trek
1993 Zirkel Trek 1994 Quetico Canoe Trek 1995 Wind River Trek 1996 Yukon Territory Backpack & Canoe Trek space 1997 Zirkel Trek 1998 AT Trek 1999 Weminuche Trek 2000 Europe Tour
2001 Zirkel Trek 2002 Quetico Canoe Trek 2003 Wind River Trek 2004 Yukon Territory Backpack & Canoe Trek space 2005 Weminuche Trek 2006 AT Trek 2007 Zirkel Trek 2008 British Virgin Islands Sailing Trek
2009 Wind River Trek 2010 Missouri Breaks Canoe Trek 2010 Zirkel Trek 2011 Weminuche Trek space 2012 Yukon Territory Backpack & Canoe Trek 2013 Zirkel Trek 2014 AT / DC Trek 2015 Wind River Trek
2016 British Virgin Islands Sailing Trek 2017 Zirkel Trek 2018 Quetico Canoe Trek 2020 Green River Canoe Trek

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