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How to Visit / How to Join

Portaging in Canada
Portaging in Canada

Panning for Gold near the Arctic Circle
Panning for Gold near the Arctic Circle

Latest BSA Quality Unit Award, highest level ('Journey to Excellence', gold level)
BSA Quality Unit Award, highest level
('Journey to Excellence', gold level)
[The 2022 award won't be available
until very late in 2022.]

Troop Campsite Somewhere 'Out There'
Troop Campsite Somewhere 'Out There'

How/When to Visit

Scouts get to camp, hike, canoe, bike, and generally enjoy challenging adventures in the outdoors.

Troop-level Scouting is totally different from Cub Scouts and Webelos.

Troop 97 meets Mondays, year round, typically:

You are welcome to visit any meeting and most campouts.

Contact the Scoutmaster to verify our schedule and come on by.

Who Can Join/When to Join/How to Join

To join a Scout troop, a boy or girl must meet ANY of the following three requirements, whichever occurs FIRST:

They do not need to have been in Cub Scouts or Webelos.

Troop 97 expects its members to be active, to wear full uniform, and to advance regularly. We expect parents to be active also.

Troop 97 is open to any boy or girl who meets these requirements, and who subscribes to the principles of Scouting contained in the Scout Promise and Scout Law. Membership in our sponsoring church (or any church) is NOT a requirement (actually, most of our Scouts do not belong to our sponsor).

Although Scouts can join anytime during the year, most join between January and May. It is very important for new Scouts to attend summer camp their first year (which is why our Scoutmaster and a dozen or more of our Assistant Scoutmasters and parents will spend the full week at camp with the Scouts).

For more information, email, phone, or come to a meeting.

What about Girls?

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) began allowing troops for girls in February 2019. By BSA policy, Troop 97 has separate 'linked' troops for boys and girls, each with its own Scoutmaster and elected boy & girl Senior Patrol Leaders. A single troop committee will oversee troop operations, and policies and program for both linked troops will be the same. Some activities will be joint and some separate. If you're interested, let us know!

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