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A Brief Background of the Scoutmaster Handbook (BSA)

7th Edition—The Official Scoutmaster Handbook (1981-1990)

Cover is a full-color reproduction of a Joeseph Csatari painting of a Scoutmaster teaching first aid to 3 Scouts. The book's contents are much like the last handbook, but the paper is much brighter, and the cartoons have been replaced with simple line drawings.
7th Edition

7th Edition Summary and Printing History

Actual 7th Edition Table of Contents

1990 Edition—The Scoutmaster Handbook (1990-1998)

BSA ceased labeling Scoutmaster Handbook editions after 1990. This would be the equivalent of an 8th Edition.

The cover is an unbelievably contrived and over-posed photo of a Scoutmaster "helping" a Scout over a rock. A similar silly photo taken during the same BSA photo shoot is opposite page 1 of the 10th Edition of the Scout Handbook. But inside is an attractive book filled with full-color photos throughout. This was the last true Scoutmaster Handbook.
1990 Edition

1990 Edition Summary and Printing History

Actual 1990 Edition Table of Contents


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