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Non-aligned Scouting Associations

(131 associations in 35 countries)

In addition to the associations that are members of the six international Scouting youth organizations, I have found 131 Scouting associations/umbrella federations that are not aligned with any international Scouting organization (there are undoubtedly more, which tend mostly to be very small). There are also dozens and dozens (probably hundreds) of unaffiliated single groups, which go in and out of existence on a regular basis—I do not try to list these. Emigré Scouting organizations are listed at the bottom of this page.


  1. Asociación Nacional Civil Argentina de Scout Independientes/ANCASI
  2. Coordinación de Asociaciones Diocesanas de Scouts Católicos/CADISCA (federation of several small Catholic Scout associations, including Asociaciones Diocesanas de Scouts Católicos [ADiSCa])
  3. Guías Argentinas Católicas


  1. Europa Scouts Österreich
  2. Österreichischer Pfadfinderbund


  1. Federação dos Escoteiros Tradicionais


  1. Association des Aventuriers de Baden-Powell—Adventurers Association of Baden-Powell/AABP, 1973 (merger of former AEBP [Association des Eclaireurs Baden-Powell] & AQAB [Association Québécoise des Aventuriers de Brownsea]) (in New Brunswick, Ontario, & Québec)
  2. Association de Scoutisme d'Actions/ASA, 1996 (in Québec)


  1. Confederación Interamericana Scouts Independientes, 2001 (umbrella federation intended for the western hemisphere, founded by Agrupación Nacional de Boy Scouts de Chile [a WFIS association], which appears to be its only member at present)
  2. Scouts Tradicionales Chillán-Ñuble


  1. Corporación de Scout Tradicionales Colombia
  2. Corporación Scouts de Antioquia/CSA (Colombian Independent Scout Association)
  3. Organización Scouts Independientes de Colombia


  1. Association des Eclaireurs Kimbanguistes du Congo (Kimbanguist) (CSC sub-association)
  2. Conseil du Scoutisme Congolais (Council of the Congolese Scout Mouvement) (umbrella federation with 5 sub-associations)
  3. Eclaireurs Communautaires du Congo
  4. Eclaireurs d'Afrique
  5. Eclaireurs du Congo
  6. Eclaireuses et Eclaireurs Libres du Congo-Brazzaville
  7. Eclaireurs Louzolo Amour
  8. Eclaireurs Neutres du Congo
  9. Eclaireurs Pluralistes du Congo (CSC sub-association)
  10. Eclaireurs Salutistes du Congo (Salvation Army) (CSC sub-association)
  11. Eclaireurs Unionistes du Congo (Protestant) (CSC sub-association)

Costa Rica

  1. Scouts Independientes de Costa Rica

Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)

  1. Conférence Ivorienne du Scoutisme (umbrella federation with 3 sub-associations [1 in WFIS])
  2. Raiders de Côte d'Ivoire
  3. Scouts adventistes de Côte d'Ivoire
  4. Scouts de l'université de Côte d'Ivoire
  5. Scouts évangélistes de de Côte d'Ivoire
  6. Scouts marins de Côte d'Ivoire (CIS sub-association)
  7. Scouts musulmans de Côte d'Ivoire
  8. Scouts protestants de Côte d'Ivoire


  1. Svaz Skautů a Skautek
  2. Vodni Skauti
  3. YMCA-Skaut


  1. Association des Scouts de Djibouti (may be working toward WOSM recognition)


  1. National Scout Association of Eritrea (apparently working toward WOSM recognition)


  1. Association Française de Scouts et Guides Catholiques, 1980
  2. Conférence Française de Scoutisme, 1999 (umbrella federation with 60 000 members in the GSE (FSE), ENF, and FEE)
  3. Eclaireurs Neutres de France/ENF, 1947
  4. Fédération des Eclaireuses et Eclaireurs/FEE, 1989
  5. Scouts Unitaires de France/SUF, 1971

Germany (It is possible that some of these are single groups, rather than associations.)

  1. Baptistische Pfadfinderschaft/BPS
  2. Bund Christlicher Gemeindepfadfinder/BCGP
  3. Bund der Wandervögel und Pfadfinder (Deutsche Freischar)
  4. Bund Deutscher PfadfinderInnen/BDP
  5. Bund Freier Pfadfinder/BFP
  6. Bund Moslemischer Pfadfinder Deutschland/BMPD
  7. Christliche Gemeinde Pfadfinder/CGP
  8. Christliche Pfadfinderbund Saar/CPb-S
  9. Christliche Pfadfinderinnen und Pfadfinder der Adventjugend/CPA
  10. Christliche Pfadfinderschaft Deutschlands/CPD (4000+ members)
  11. Deutscher Pfadfinderverband/DPV (umbrella federation for 18 small German associations: Pfadfinderbund Weltenbummler (WFIS), BEP (CES), plus these 16 independent associations—Deutsche Pfadfinder Landesmark Westfalen, Deutscher Pfadfinderbund Hamburg, Deutscher Pfadfinderbund Mosaic, Deutscher Pfadfinderbund Nordland, Deutscher Pfadfinderverband Gau Westland, Europa-Scouts Deutschland, Freie Pfadfinderschaft, Jomsburg Freier Pfadfinderbund/JFP, Pfadfinder und Pfadfinderinnenbund Nord/PBN, Pfadfinderbund Horizonte (PG Horizonte), Pfadfinderbund Mecklenburg-Vorpommern/PBMV, Pfadfinderbund Phönix/PBP, Pfadfinderschaft Grenzland/PSG, Pfadfinderschaft Nordmark/PSN, Pfadfinderschaft Süddeutschland/PSD, Verband Deutscher Pfadfinder/VDP)
  12. Europapfadfinder Sankt Michael/ESM
  13. Europäische Pfadfinderschaft Sankt Georg/EPG
  14. Europäischer Pfadfinderbund Sankt Georg/EPSG
  15. Evangelischer Mädchenpfadfinderbund/EMP
  16. Gemeinschaft Evangelischer Pfadfinderstämme
  17. Islamische Pfadfinder
  18. Ring junger Bünde/RjB, 1966 (umbrella federation for 17 German associations and 1 Austrian association, some of which are Scout associations while others are non-Scout outdoor youth associations of the German Wandervogel type; here are the Scout associations: Deutsche Freischar (Bund der Wandervögel und Pfadfinder), Deutscher Pfadfinderbund/DPB, Pfadfinderbund Großer Jäger/PB Großer Jäger, Pfadfinderbund Nordbaden/PbN, Pfadfinderschaft Grauer Reiter/PS Grauer Reiter, Pfadfinderschaft Luchs/PS Luchs)
  19. Ring Evangelischer Gemeindepfadfinder/REGP (48 Lutheran churches, 3000 members)
  20. Verein Freier Pfadfinder/VFP


  1. Peace Scouts and Guides (India)
  2. Venture Youth Movement of Scouts (India)


  1. Iran Scout Organization (apparently working toward WOSM recognition)


  1. A.P. Scout (Aaronic Priesthood Scout)
  2. Associazione Guide e Scouts San Benedetto
  3. Consorzio Interscout, 1986 (umbrella consortium that provides facilities and services [insurance, etc] to Scout associations and groups; it includes 8 small associations, some of which also belong to FEDERSCOUT: A.P. Scout, GSI, San Benedetto, Assiscout [WFIS], AGISCOUT [CES], ASE [CES], CNS [CES], GEL [CES], GSI [CES])


  1. Association des Scouts Arabes au Liban
  2. Association des Scouts du Littoral au Liban
  3. Association des Scouts Musulmans de Makassed
  4. Association des Scouts Progressistes
  5. Eclaireurs du Liban
  6. Eclaireurs Unionistes Libanais
  7. Eclaireuses Musulmanes au Liban
  8. Guide Nationale Orthodoxe
  9. Guides et Scouts Maronites
  10. Les Scouts de Amel
  11. Les Scouts de Secours Libanais
  12. Les Scouts des Cèdres
  13. Les Scouts des Projets
  14. Les Scouts du Chirugiens
  15. Les Scouts du Liban
  16. Les Scouts du Liban Future
  17. Les Scouts du Mahdi
  18. Les Scouts du Message Islamique
  19. Les Scouts Musulmans au Liban
  20. Les Scouts Syriaques Libanais
  21. Scout National Libanais
  22. Scout National Orthodoxe
  23. Scouts de l'Education Nationale


  1. Guides et Scouts Catholiques de Mali
  2. Scouts du Mali


  1. Asociación de Grupos Scouts de Mexico


  1. Association Scouts Arabe Sociale
  2. Association Scouts du Maroc
  3. Mouvement du Scoutisme marocain
  4. Organisation du Scout Populaire
  5. Organisation du Scoutisme marocain musulman
  6. Organisation Scout Atlas
  7. Organisation Scout National
  8. Organisation Scoutisme Mohamedia Marocaine
  9. Organisation Scouts sans frontières
  10. Scoutisme Unifié au Maroc


  1. Mozambique Guides (working toward WAGGGS recognition)


  1. Nepal Peace Scouts


  1. Scouts Tradicionales del Perú


  1. Zwiazek Harcerstwa Rzeczypospolitej (Polish Scouts of the Republic)


  1. Associação de Escoteiros Independentes, 2016 (2 groups in Moita)


  1. Brotherhood (Federation) of Orthodox Scouts/BPS
  2. National Organization of Russian Scouts/NORS-R
  3. National Organization of Volunteers "Russia"/NORD "Russia"
  4. Organization of Russian Young Pathfinders/ORYuR (observer to the UIGSE)
  5. Russian Scout Organization/RSO


  1. Asociación Scouts de Andalucia
  2. Asociación Castellon de Escultismo
  3. Asociación Scout Montes de Toledo
  4. Asociación Valenciana de Escultismo
  5. Scouts Baden-Powell de España
  6. Germanor Escolta de Catalunya
  7. Scouts Region Murciana


  1. SALT Scout (part of Sweden's national federation Scouterna, but not listed by WOSM

United Kingdom

  1. Pathfinder Scouts Association, 2003 (provides "traditional" Scouting in three sections: Wolf Cubs, Scouts, & Senior Scouts; closely aligned with RESA; groups in China, Pakistan, Philippines, Romania, Singapore, Sri Lanka, UK, US)
  2. Rover Explorer Scouts Association/RESA (based on Christian values, minimum age 17, crews in same countries as Pathfinder Scouts Association)


  1. Kidirib Topubchi O'zbekiston (Uzbekistan Union of Scout-Explorers) (apparently working toward WOSM recognition)

Emigré Scouting Organizations

As a result of the displacements of World War II (1939-45), and also of emigrés fleeing communism in eastern Europe, plus simply the desire of emigré communities outside their own country to maintain home-country culture and customs, there are several Scouting programs for emigrés in several countries.

  1. Harcerstwo Polskie (emigré association in the Czech Republic)
  2. Hungarian Scout Association in Exteris, 1945 (emigré association with 4500 members in 70 troops in at least 11 countries—Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, US, Venezuela)
  3. National Organisation of Russian Scouts/NORS, 1909 (emigré group in Australia)
  4. Ukraïnskii Plast (Ukrainian Scouting) (apparently an emigré association located in Canada)
  5. Zwiazek Harcerstwa Polskiego/ZHP (Polish Scout Organization) (emigré association with 4 independent national branches in Australia, Canada, UK, and US)
See our 'All Scout Countries' pages for more details on each organization listed above.
Association des Aventuriers de Baden-Powell (AABP)
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