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How Scouts Advance

Scout advancement is much more challenging than Cub Scout or Webelos advancement, and it requires much individual effort and initiative. It also emphasizes leadership and service as much as badges and skills. Achieving First Class (which should happen within a year) takes more effort than earning the Webelos Arrow of Light award. And becoming an Eagle Scout is a crowning achievement of youth earned by roughly 6% of all Scouts (and over 25% of Troop 97 Scouts).

Advancement requirements for all ranks are shown starting on Handbook page 440. To advance, Scouts must be active, must do their best to live by the Scout Law and Promise, practice leadership, give service to others, learn Scout skills (mostly in the outdoors), and earn merit badges (primarily from adult counselors other than their parents).

At any time while working on a rank, a Scout meets with one of the uniformed adult leaders in a "Scoutmaster Conference". After completing all requirements for a rank, a Scout schedules a Board of Review with the troop committee (see the Scoutmaster for the name of the person to contact).

What can you do to help your Scout take full advantage of the Scout Advancement method? Make sure your Scout attends our Adventure Weekend and summer camp! Offer encouragement and support. Know what your Scout needs for the next rank. Be active as a parent, and strongly encourage active Scout attendance, because only active Scouts advance.


Scout Advancement Summary (guidance/hints on key requirements & ones that may take longer to do)

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